Tax planning may not the first thing on many people’s minds but it is one of the critical things individuals or businesses need to think about for their financial future.
The whole point of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency, so you are never paying more taxes than you owe and are taking advantage of tax options and tax credits of which you may not be aware.


Tax Planning is a critical part of your financial planning and allows you to plan for income increases or decreases, major purchases, investments or retirement plan decisions. All parts of planning your financial future have tax considerations that you’ll want to review with an accountant.


Your CPA is important for developing tax strategies and tax shelters. People with complex tax returns, high tax liability, or small business owners especially benefit from the expertise of a CPA.

Your CPA understands the tax ramifications of your financial plan. An accountant can help you find opportunities and strategies that help you get ahead. At Jacob George CPA, PC we help you know if you are depreciating all your assets in the most productive manner or if your business structure is the right one for now and the future, and of course we decipher the fine print of any changes in the tax laws that may be of benefit for you.

Most CPA firms are paid for their accounting, tax consulting and preparation services as an hourly or a set fee price. In the case of Jacob George CPA, PC, we do not ever receive commissions from the sale of any investment or financial products.


Jacob George, CPA PC offers Tax Planning Services to continuously monitor federal, state and local tax law changes to help you plan for what you owe now and in the future and minimize your taxes due. We help you align the timing of your investments and analyze the tax ramifications of different types of retirement plans. We can assist you in planning for tax impacts due to income changes. We are a full-service accounting firm and can help you with all your tax consulting, tax planning, or retirement planning needs. We also have expertise in estate and trust preparation and planning.


A CPA differs from a basic accountant or employee of tax preparation shops in that we are held by certain standards set by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. These requirements help protect the public and the integrity of our work and also require education, certification, and an annual continuing education requirement.


We are a full-service accounting firm and can help you with all your tax consulting, tax planning, or retirement planning needs. We have expertise in estate and trust preparation as well as business incorporations, bookkeeping, and payroll.

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Jacob provided me the most creative solution for my specific situation among many professionals I consulted. I was impressed by his diligence and attention to detail with a sense of urgency. In summary, he provides exceptional value for his services!
Google Review | Moses

Jacob was extremely helpful, taking the time to sit down with me and my wife to get to know us. He walked through the process with us, asking detailed questions and answering our questions when we had them. He was able to navigate our personal tax return as well as give advice on my small business. Having used the big name firms to handle our taxes in the past, we much prefer the personalized interaction and attention to detail we get with Jacob.
Google Review | Todd

Jacob is without a doubt the best CPA I’ve ever worked with, articulate, detailed and meticulous. Anyone who has had the good fortune to have met Jacob will be better off for it. I very highly recommend Jacob George.
Google Review | Larry

We were looking for a good CPA for our Business and Personal. After moving to the area, we were recommended to Jacob George. Super professional, kind and patient. If you are looking for someone you can trust, choose Jacob George.
Google Review | Mike

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